Hand Cut Custom Cheese Slates

Hand Cut Custom Cheese Slate - Red

When the slate talks, we listen! When you have handled quarry slate for as many years as we have, you want to feature the stone in a custom creation. Here it is! Our-hand cut cheese slates are custom trimmed. The natural slate features and textures, along with the meandering edges of the slate join together to create a one of a kind piece you’ll want to feature at your special gathering.

Natural colors to choose: Vermont Black, Green, Mottled Purple and Green, Black and Red

Outside dimensions of our custom hand-cut cheese boards are 11” x 17 ½” at their longest points with footed cork rests. Outside shapes tastefully vary with each hand cut piece creating a natural look.  Hand Wash Only.



Hand Cut Custom Cheese Board - Mottled Purple and Green
Mottled Purple and Green

Hand Cut Custom Cheese Slate - Vermont Black
Vermont Black

Hand Cut Custom Cheese Slate - Solid Black
Solid Black

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