How to Care For Your Pearl Street Slates

You’ve made a superior choice in selecting our all natural slate products.  Care for your purchase is easy.  Follow the steps below to keep your slate fresh and clean.

The non-porous slate surfaces clean easily.  Use a common dish soap and warm water combo to wipe down your serving slates.  Hand washing is preferred to clean and maintain your slate’s natural look.

If needed after washing, your slate surface can be rejuvenated and sealed by using our Slate Rejuvenator.  Simply add a couple drops to the slate surface and with a soft cloth gently rub in the food-safe mineral oil.  Using this process, you will enhance the slate’s natural beauty.  Following these simple steps, each slate will be cleaned and ready for its next use.


Facts About Slate in the Kitchen

Slate is a beautiful product from the earth.  Each piece we create is all natural, food safe and non-porous.  Pearl Street Slate Company offers five natural and subtle colors that come from the ground.  These natural and soft colors provide an ideal backdrop to your culinary creations.  Let one of the natural colors we offer inspire you to create the perfect dish at home or in your restaurant!

Choose the right natural color to feature your cheese selections, appetizer creation, breads or home made baked items. Notable will be your creation when taking into consideration the size and coloration of the slate you choose to plate and serve on your table.


Slate Colors - Solid Black
Solid Black

Slate Colors - Mottled Purple and Green
Mottled Purple and Green

Slate Colors - Green

Slate Colors - Red

Slate Colors - Vermont Black
Vermont Black


Our five natural earth tones to choose between

Slate is a densely layered geologic stone.  It produces hard non-porous surfaces to work on and yet is soft enough to be shaped for its many uses.  Cut and trimmed slate has been used for centuries in the building industry.  We use some of these techniques in bringing to you our slate products.  We hope you enjoy our unique presentations filled with characteristics of the slate preparation process.

In the cutting, also known as “hand trimming” process, each slate is handled individually.  Cutting a slate allows us to bring to you each piece that is carefully shaped or manipulated creating your one of a kind product.

During the trimming process, it is characteristic of the slate to flake or “chip.”  This is a natural feature of the stone displaying its natural geologic stratification.  This is not indicative of a problem with your unique piece, but instead a confirmation of the natural characteristics and qualities of the slate found in your individual serving piece.

We know you will enjoy your hand made, natural slate and its specific identifying characteristics.

Slate is temperature tolerant.  You may confidently place hot or cold items on the surfaces to best display your culinary fare.  Feel free to pre-chill or slightly warm your individual serving piece at its time of use.