The Tradition Continues…  

 Inspired by yesterday’s old world craftsmen and today’s contemporary elements of design, slate products from Pearl Street Slate Company offer everlasting function and beauty.

 Pearl Street Slate products are proudly created with slate from our own and surrounding Vermont quarries. We design and create each piece to enhance entertaining with food and beverage.  Pearl Street Slate is committed to designing and making for you attractive slate serving surfaces on which to display beautiful food creations for your friends and guests.

 Our product line of individually hand crafted slates creates an inviting and appetizing setting using natural stone.

We suggest you use an assortment of serving sizes to feature your creative kitchen fare.  Our selection of slates ranges from individual to platter sizes for cheese slates, bakery serving stones, appetizer and tapas slates, specialty serving slates and coasters that will allow you to feature your creations on an elegant all-natural surface.  Choose from a selection of natural stone colors to compliment or create contrast with your fare.  Your friends and guests will enjoy stunning creations atop food safe, non-porous naturally organic slate.

 All products are hand trimmed or cut creating an individual and unique serving piece.  Each piece displays natural slate features such as trimmed edges, mottled colors and minerals within the slate, striations of stone colors creating visual textures and a beautiful natural palette of reds, greens, blacks or mottled purple and green, perfect to compliment any dish you may create.  Each Pearl Street Slate product is made from slate that is uniquely extracted in the quarrying process.

 Pearl Street Slate Company was inspired by first and second generation slate makers who lived in the little yellow house at 11 Pearl Street in Granville, New York.  For generations, the Labas family has been a respected family in the community and slate industry that hugs the New York/Vermont border.  Their dedication to working with the natural materials and the hand cut process continues today.  Third generation slate maker Paul Labas carries on the tradition of working in the quarries as did his parents and grandparents.  From that tiny little Granville street and the stone from their Vermont quarries, Pearl Street Slate Company was born. 

 Let us create a hand crafted, all-natural piece for your kitchen, dining room and home.  We proudly share our commitment to quality and creativity with you. 

 Here’s to entertaining using slate products from Pearl Street Slate Company.